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6 Home Safety Tips You Can Use to Prevent Candle Fires

February 07, 2018

An unattended candle was reportedly the cause of a fire that gutted a home daycare center in Jamaica Plain Tuesday morning.

Five children were initially in the house when the fire broke out. Fortunately, all of the home's occupants, including the four adults living in the house, managed to escape to safety by the time fire crews arrived. The dog, sadly, was not so lucky.


Why are candles such a fire hazard?

Candles might look pretty and produce pleasant aromas, but they're still open flames.

They're dangerous. Candles cause millions of dollars of damage every year and kill people.

They're especially risky to have in a daycare. Children are fascinated by fire and turn into pyromaniacs when your back is turned.

Do not allow a child to be alone in the same room as a burning candle. Matches and lighters should be stored far out of their reach or locked away.

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Candle fire statistics:                                   

  • December is the month when we see the highest number of candle fires.
  • A third of all candle fires begin in the bedroom.

  • Over 50 percent of all candle fires start when things that can burn are too close to the candle.

Home safety tips you can use to protect your home from candle fires:

  • Extinguish your candles when you leave the room or go to bed. Try not to use them in rooms where people may fall asleep.

  • Keep candles at least 1 foot (30 centimeters) away from any flammable materials. Keep an eye on your hair and any loose clothing!

  • Use candle holders that are tough to tip over. Put candle holders on a flat, stable surface that's been cleared off and free of miscellaneous items.

  • Put out the candle before it burns all the way down.

  • If anyone in your home is using an oxygen machine, don't light any candles. It's just not worth the risk.

  • Prepare your emergency kits (especially flashlight + batteries) = ready to use during a power outage. Don't use candles!

Fires are one of the most common threats to those we protect, which is why we make sure they have the smoke detectors and monitoring they need to have around-the-clock safety. Every story like this one reminds us why what we do matters to our 27,000 customers.

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