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5 Security Tips and Tricks When Renting Out Your Home

January 29, 2018

Renting out an apartment in a big city like Boston is a daunting prospect.

You’ve got to arrange a bunch of meetings with total strangers and shepherd them around your place while psychoanalyzing their behavior to see if anything seems off. Say what you will about a flourishing rental market around here, but being a landlord is no cakewalk.

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We spoke with some property managers and long-time landlords to gather some security tips and tricks to help out people who want to stay safe during the rental process. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Be careful of online scams

There are a few notorious scams that people try to pull on apartment listing websites. Deceptive renters on Craigslist might be fishing for info on your listings while fake landlords “rent out” properties they don't own via Airbnb.

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Plenty of individuals won’t hesitate to take advantage of landlords and renters who don’t do their homework. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Familiarize yourself with common scam methods so you can spot them a mile away
  • Ask the prospective renter some qualifying questions to confirm their legitimacy
  • Keep an eye on groups and don’t let them distract you by going in different directions

2. Ask for references, credit reports, and background checks

A home is a serious investment. Protecting that investment needs to be a top priority.

You want to ensure that you pick a renter who can make payments on time and keep your place in mint condition.


Background checks and references from past landlords can tell you a lot about whether someone is a reliable tenant. Although you may end up with a smaller applicant pool, a thorough screening process means fewer headaches down the line.

3. Find reliable contractors who can handle your maintenance needs

This one's huge.

If you're frequently out of town or living far away, you’re probably not able to visit the rental property frequently. How can you address immediate repair requests from your tenant? Build relationships with some local electricians and plumbers so that you know you can count on them.

4. Inform your security company that your home is on the market

Letting strangers into your home to inspect the place always carries with it an inherent risk. The better we understand our customer’s situation, the quicker we can address any issues if they arise. Keep us updated on how things are going!

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Install a silent panic button somewhere in your home in a location that’s easily accessible to you, just in case.

5. Don’t leave valuables out

I don’t just mean money, jewelry, and electronics. If your keys or remotes get into the wrong hands, that’s a huge security hole that you need to fix right away.

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Alarm New England is dedicated to providing security solutions that save you time, money, and make your home more comfortable. That's why over 27,000 property owners trust us with their safety and comfort.

To find out other security tips and tricks to keep your rental property safe, contact us at the link below:

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