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We don't outsource your safety.

Unlike 90% of the industry, we don’t outsource our monitoring to third parties. For the same price, we perform all security monitoring ourselves at an Underwriter's Laboratory-approved local central station, which ensures a maximum discount on your homeowners insurance. This monitoring station protects more than 27,000 New England properties. And when you call, we guarantee you’ll always speak with a human being – a familiar voice you’ll recognize each time. Our highly trained employees are ready and waiting 24/7, to respond, verify and get you and your family the help you need.

No 3rd Party Access

24/7 Monitoring

Local Support

Protecting your home and family is important. For just a few dollars per day, you can rest assured knowing that your loved ones are safe. Alarm New England offers home security packages to protect small condos all the way up to multi-acre estates. We offer a do-it-yourself installation or professional installation, service, monitor and support a full range of security solutions such as wireless alarm systems, home video surveillance, electronic locks and fire alarm systems.


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