Commercial Alarm Systems

An alarm system is much more than protecting a building when no one is there. It is a method to secure the facility while the employees, our most valuable asset, are in the building. Top-of-the-line equipment and custom design are standard features of our commercial security systems. Combined with our UL-approved central monitoring station, your business and it's employees are protected 24/7.

Fire Detection Systems

When a fire breaks out, early detection is essential. Carbon monoxide, smoke, pull stations and heat detectors are linked with your security system. These devices can also be monitored at all times by our security team, ready to alert local police and fire personnel. Local codes and regulations require tenured experience and advanced industry knowledge. Our highly trained technicians are up for the task.

Verified Audio & Video Surveillance

Our central station operators are witnesses to a crime in progress. In contrast, the average surveillance system is unable to determine the nature of a false alarm from an immediate threatening emergency. Alarm New England's verified detection system is a power resource for you and law enforcement – and it's unique in the marketplace. With Alarm New England we ensure you receive the fastest response times. Because of our ability to verify alarms, we proudly possess one of the highest apprehension rates and the lowest false alarm rates in the industry.

The average response time of law enforcement to Alarm New England verified alarms is 7 minutes. The average competitors non-verified surveillance system response time is up to 25 minutes. Our solutions such as IP Video, CCTV and DVRs are state-of-the-art. They can store the video onsite or offsite or on a local DVR. By storing this video offsite, the possibility of data theft and the cost of maintenance are minimized.

Electronic Access Control

Keep unauthorized personnel or visitors out of secure areas of a business premise. Electronic Access Control solutions create easier turnover transitions, limit casual access to buildings via key cards and key fobs grant access to your property – removing the need for keys and rekeying. In addition, gain intelligence to help best manage your business.

Engineered for Life Safety

Fully Integrated Solutions

Rapid Emergency Response

It’s a mistake to assume these solutions are all separate. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Our life safety model allows each system to work together real-time, in a pre-planned fashion. They interact electronically — a connected system where the whole is greater than the sum of each part. Commercial security is an eco-system evolving over time. At Alarm New England, new technology becomes integrated with an emphasis on life safety.

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