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Almost anything can be used for good or for bad: power, money, and even more tactical items such as guns or box cutters. However, when the Conrady family in New Mexico installed their doggy door, they never could have guessed it would become an entry point for a disturbed person to try to enter their home. 

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As WFXT reported, a woman in New Mexico was seen on surveillance video entering a house through the dog door and leaving with stolen items, police said. Jodi Jaramillo, 44, is seen on the March 3 video casing the Albuquerque home of David Conrady.

The burglar spent approximately two hours in the Conrady home, according to video evidence and court documents. Conrady's wife and son arrived home while the burglar was still in the house and, realizing a burglary was taking place, called police. Surveillance video shows Jaramillo leaving the property with a suitcase.

Police said Jaramillo took jewelry, car keys and other valuables. Jaramillo eluded authorities on March 3, but was questioned by police at a later date and released, due to lack of evidence. She was arrested Wednesday after police reviewed Conrady's surveillance footage. Jaramillo is charged with burglary, according to her booking report.

While it is fortunate that no one was hurt, there are a few important lessons to learn from the story of this family: 

  1. A Wifi Nanny cam allowed the criminal to be ID’ed and arrested. However, integration with a home alarm monitoring service would have gotten the cops there much sooner!
  2. Top security companies can install a home security camera that has two way voice tied into it to scare off the intruder. 
  3. Always ask your company for alarm stickers when buying a new alarm. They are a great initial deterrant. 

Don’t wait until you’ve experience a burglary to take action. Waiting for a creep to crawl through your doggy door is too late. Consider Alarm New England- we have built a business that serves over 27,000 customers in Boston and beyond. This means we know how to support our clients and sustain relevance for them despite massive technology shifts over the last several years. We are a tried and tested boston home security systems, committed to our customers, and dedicated to technological innovation.

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