Celebrity Burglarized: Get protected by Boston Home Security Systems

Despite where you live, or the level of success and wealth, no one is exempt from the danger of a burglary. Even Famous singer Rita Ora recently upgraded her security services massively since her house was burglarized.

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Understandably, the ordeal still affects her today. The 26-year-old singer famous for “I Will Never Let You Down” was shaken up when an intruder broke into her home. 

According to SkyNews, Ora said: “It still affects me, even today, going to sleep and things like that because just knowing that there was a stranger in your home is never really a nice feeling. It was harder for my sister also because she had the actual face-to-face encounter with the robber so it was difficult to get over that and we did the court cases and things, yeah, which was really scary.”

She continued by adding “It was awful and you're in a home that you've made yourself that you now know isn't safe, so I've definitely upped my security about 200 percent ... It's helped me actually talking about it to be honest, to kind of like get the scariness away from it.”

Sadly, it often takes a traumatic event to jar homeowners like Ora to take their security service seriously. Fortunately, you do not need to have the resources of a celebrity to afford a residential security service, as they have evolved dramatically in recent years.

The new alarm you buy should be professionally designed for your home. A few things to keep in mind about a comprehensive residential security service:

  • They are no longer expensive.
  • They are no longer complicated to buy or install.
  • Gone are the days of drilling holes in your walls to run expensive, permanent wiring.

Technological advancement has enabled Alarm New England to sell easy-to-install, wireless systems. The modern burglar alarm will not only protect your home but will also give you remote smart control via the Honeywell Total Connect app on your phone or computer. 

Contact a professional from Alarm New England today learn more about how our Boston home security systems can give you peace-of-mind.

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