Avoid Door-to-Door Scams with High-Tech Boston Home Security Systems

Con artists may take different forms but they still roam our neighborhoods. WBRZ in Louisiana recently reported that door-to-door scams are on the rise this summer. One of the scams is someone claiming to be a handyman offering their services and demanding cash up front, and then the work is never completed.

high tech boston home security systems

Another scam includes a couple claiming to be with their residential security services company. The couple offers to conduct a free assessment but once inside the house, one of them distracts the resident while the other loots the home.

One of the best ways to avoid being scammed is to never let the person inside your home. These kinds of criminals often prey on the vulnerable, such as children or senior citizens. With a DIY home security system that includes SkyBell Video Doorbell you can ensure that you are or your loved ones are not in total control.

Here are a few key features of SkyBell Video Doorbell that can protect you:

  • Motion recorded video surveillance clips which help secure the front of your home
  • Live video and two-way audio
  • Easy to install yourself as part of DIY security systems
  • Smartphone notifications when someone is at your front door, which enables you to engage in a two-way conversation, from anywhere in the world

At Alarm New England, we take your safety very seriously. Over the past several decades, we have built a business that serves over 27,000 customers. This means we know how to support our clients and sustain relevance for them despite massive technology shifts over the last several years. We are tried and tested, customer focused, and dedicated to technological innovation.

Download our free Honeywell Lyric security System product brochure to learn more about how Boston home security systems with Alarm New England can help give you peace of mind.


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